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Oct 27, 2012 2:00pm EDT
.t. revolution and a shift in policies under the clinton and george w. bush administrations. from washington, this is one hour and 25 minutes. >> welcome, everybody. i am simon rosenberg. we are grateful that you came out here today. if we had done an event around polling we would have a few more people, but we are lucky to have joining rob shapiro, the chair of our globalization initiative, our good friend edward luce, who is now the former bureau chief of "the financial times," now chief american commentator and is also a published author. he has recently written one of the more influential or at least highly commentated -- there was so much commentary around his book about whether or not america was in decline in the economic issues we will be talking about today and we feel lucky he took time out of his busy schedule to guide us. many of you know rob shapiro, who has a long history of policy leadership here in washington, starting in the early days working for daniel patrick moynihan, to helping advise bill clinton in 1992, and eventually becoming the undersecretary of commerce in the se
Nov 3, 2012 2:00pm EDT
to the clinton-era tax rates. we need economic growth, and that is where the focus needs to be. i support bringing down the tax rate down to 20%. we need to make sure our tax scale is competitive. >> do you see that there is maneuverability in the tax proposals? >> in 2007, i signed it the grover norquist pledge. in 2010 i was asked to sign it again, and i did not. >> you changed on that? >> i do not believe we need to raise taxes at this time and i do not need to sign a pledge to do that. >> we have to be realistic about what we are going to do and make tough decisions. i talked to people who are affluent and they do not mind paying more. >> we will continue the discussion about the economy, and whether the math really adds up for the deficit. we will look at some of the numbers, all of that on the other side of the debate. please stay with us. welcome back to the continuation of our debate. with us today, congressman allen west and patrick murphy. we will continue our discussion with george bennett. >> we left hanging on the deficit. you are opposed to raising taxes. the deficit this pa
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
was a little not leave. i thought they would feel the need to do with bill clinton tobias, always answer the -- advised which was always answer the questions from voters -- advised, always answer the question from voters. >> you got the sense that they felt there was so much at stake that they could not afford to not carry out the mission, and in the president's case, to be there, ann romney's case, to continue to be presidential -- and in romney's case, to continue to be presidential. and to have smart answers to questions. >> i like the town hall format. i like the idea of -- of it. i guess the problem is there were many times -- the second question was about gas prices. the first question was neutral, i'm worried i'm not calling to have a job. the second question went straight at the president and said your energy secretary says it is not his job to keep energy prices down, do you think it is his job, and the next thing i know we were arguing about drilling in public lands. i went back and said the question was do you think it is the job of the government, and then they went off on th
Oct 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
administration? or as president clinton said, why would they go back to the bush policies on steroids? i have come to one conclusion. the only one i can figure out is about their attitude about america and their attitude about half the american people. you heard his insulting comments that 47% of the american people are -- here's the part that bothers me. when he said they are not willing to take responsibility for the allies. -- for their own lives. these people are our neighbors. he is talking about my parents when they were alive. the people i grew up with. the people here in lynchburg. they include seniors to afford their whole lives to pay for a social security. and did not pay taxes on that. nor should they pay taxes on that. 60,000alking about the warriors risking their lives in afghanistan, pay no income taxes on their salaries. nor should it. speaking of those warriors, how many of you know someone who was been deployed to afghanistan or iraq over the last two decades? we know you. we owe their families. i checked every single day and this morning again with the defense department, h
Oct 28, 2012 2:00pm EDT
be one? -- that can be one? >> i do not talk freely -- four years and are supported hillary clinton. after hillary withdrew, it was suggested to support then senator obama. he asked me what my chances were and i gave the usual stock answer. i gave a good answer, but i could not resist. i said, on the other hand, we would be a balanced ticket. he doesn't wear a flag penn -- flag pin and i do. i got off the phone up to 30 p.m. and at 2:31 p.m. i got a phone call from david axelrod and he said, i hope you know that no one in chicago thought that was funny. [laughter] in the book recounts that story. i said, david, you guys better get a sense of humor. you will never make it to november. and as i said in the but, they never did, but they needed to november just fine -- i said in the books, they never did, but they made it to november just fine. the reason i do not think it is in play is because you have not seen the romney campaign or crossroads of a dime on tv in philadelphia. if they thought it was winnable, with ohio -- if you lose ohio but win in pennsylvania, it is a wash. and you
Oct 28, 2012 10:30am EDT
penitentiary. on the day president clinton left the white house, he signed a presidential pardon saving cory springfield a decade in sid a presidential pardon saving cory springfield a decade in a federal penitentiary. there is someone sitting in a federal penitentiary today with a 55-year sentence for selling marijuana on three occasions because the informant said there was a gun around. so a gun enhancement, mandatory gun enhancement from the judge that entered the sentence said it was an outrage. it was unjust. but 55 years. this is the kind of human toll in this country. we don't just need to legalize marijuana, we need to end drug prohibition, just like we ended alcohol prohibition and treat drug use and abuse as a public health and education issue and get it entirely out of the criminal justice system. [cheers and applause] we have the highest incarceration rate. we have 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prison population. we have more people in prison and in jails in this country on drug offenses than western europe has in their prisons and jails on all offenses. thi
Nov 3, 2012 10:00am EDT
and former president clinton will apeer in virginia this evening. watch that at about 10:35 this evening. the campaign rally there part of other events that we will bring you clear up to election day. and as you look at that information let's go to ohio. caller: yeah. i've watched the debate there between the democrat and the republican. it's amazing two educated men like that both agree with some of both. they're good men. but why can't they work together? two heads are better than one. now, the democrats they talk about the bailout. well, what did the taxpayer bail them out? what did we get? we're still giving gas and diesel guzzling automobiles and pickups. host: caller you watched the montana debate. can you weigh in on the senate debate in your home state senator brown and josh manned el in ohio and what you think might happen with that? caller: well, shared brown had 20 years to do something but he ain't done nothing. host: so who do you plan on voting for? caller: well, he had better come up with some different ideas. i talked to his office here the other day. and some of the pron
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7